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Black magic is used to loss or harm to hurt another people or human, this is mainly by performing rituals and are making human and sacrifice is to relate to appease and spirits. All human’s have life become the two sides as the coin in which the first one side is head and the second one side is tale similarly life stage of humans are also in two parts as the first one is top life which is coming by the mainly positive think of the people while the second one is bottom life and which is also coming by the mainly of negative think of the people. This magic is used for the purpose of especially with the negative use of energies and this is derived by the power of evil minded of the people.

People who practice Black magic and want or desire the experiment and practical and take the support or help of the magicians or also said to be who is the expertise in the field of Black magic or he known as black magicians. They are extremely dedicated to the people who make or have one goal in making future and the people want to be prosperous and happy mode of the life. People have only one goal and achievement in the life that goal or aim is to improve itself with the purpose of performing or doing any types of work which are used or utilized in the life of the humans as men and women.

Black magic affects only on the harm or minds of the people but also deprives of everything which was destined the people as the form of circumstances and future of a persons or people , due to Black magic people’ occurring in the form of losing the will /ego power of the minds and body both . this magic is spreading many types of diseases which are more affected the person’s life or life phenomena as brain , body ,relationship , attitude ,work , money , love , marriage , career , job , business, trade , and even it affects everything in the life of the people .

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