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Business problem solution before we discuss about the Business and the Business comes from the word of two words in which the first one is profit and the second one is loss , suppose the any things we sale and the cost of the things are Rs 10 and the things are Rs 12 and in which there are two terms are interlinked from each other i.e. S.P and C.P and we know that sp is12 rupees and Cp is 10 rupees then sp is greater than cp then it create profit and vice versa is loss , so in business means only profit or gain of any things

Business problem solution in the form of the unique to be seemed, but the technique for solving business problem don’t have to reinvented each and every time , the persons have to adopt a methodical approach to solving all types of problems i.e. Business problem solution is in the form of the running mode or running way or condition and we know that Running a business means solving or finishing the problems in the well form or in good way through which we solve any types of problems regarding Business problem solution.

Business problem solution give the better solution on the basis of the Vashikaran technique or formulae of the Vashikaran and we know that the Vashikaran word comes from the word of Vash which means to control or capture of any things which is given the profit or benefit of the Business and the second word is Karan which means doer or doing of any things which give or create the advantages of the business so in other words The Vashikaran word comes from the three formulae in which the first one is mantra which give the mind power of the business men , the second one is tantra which give the body power of the business men and the third one is Yantra which give the ego power of the business men and through which Business problem solution become an easy or simple way .

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