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There are many or various types of astrologer who are living or existing in Punjab who proven Pt Ganga Ram tantrik ji, not every people can showing the best service and also practice. famous astrologer in Punjab is to be required and in order to keep a Vashikaran process and the astrologer has deeply knowledge about the Vashikaran and the procedure or process of the Vashikaran. He has also the deepest knowledge in the field of the astrology. There is no great difference between astrology and Vashikaran is that Vashikaran is directly proportional to the astrology and also the astrology is directly proportional to the Vashikaran so in this way we also say that these astrology and Vashikaran are inter linked or depended on each other .

famous astrologer in Punjab can only be used as an expert and he solved all types of problems of the people or needed people as the problems are including in which the first one is controversy of love between two lovers, the second one is husband and wife dispute or debates between them, the third one is family members dispute between the partners. The fourth one is business, education and also the problems of Career, etc, are completely or perfectly solved by the astrologer of Punjab who is known and well as expert in the field of these types of problems which are dictated above in lines or in words. The word Vashikaran is the combination of the Sanskrit language.

The old mantra of the Vashikaran which help to the astrologer to solve or finish the various types of difficulties which is created by the people in the Punjab , this powerful and the mightier technique is used with the fully adequate knowledge and also the proper exercise is used or utilized in using of the technique of the Vashikaran . Anyone who used this service of the Vashikaran then the persons or people have take advantages more and more by this service used or utilized in the life . famous astrologer in Punjab applied our own technique of the Vashikaran for helpless and affected person by any incident .

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