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From earlier time of astrology which is solving by many serious issues in spending life of the people, the problems is as financial or money problems, these problems are predicted by the day, love problems which are used by the youngsters, and also the another problems in India which is known or said to be inter caste marriage between two partners or couples. In all among the problems which are mentioned or written above Husband wife dispute is the serious problem or issue in the life that can affects on the person’s stressed. Our astrologer or astrology says that when two persons spend life in together form then it is impossible that conflict or dispute not arise but is possible for disputing between two persons or also said to be partners Husband wife dispute.

Family members, children, relatives and also husband, wife itself not spend time more and more that is the cause or region of lack of time, lack of money, If the persons are suffered and faced from these problem they have required the astrologer who is the skilled and very experimental or knowledgeable astrologer to solve the problems which is arising in the relationship issues very well. A great astrologer understand the problems of the couples which is arising in the spending time of the husband and wife and what is the region or cause of Husband wife dispute between husband and wife . The astrologer understands and extracts or differences and gives the solvable techniques how to compromise between two couples problems Husband wife dispute.

There is a big or great difference of the solving of today’s problems which are arising between couples as Husband wife dispute and think is not making in the mind of the parents how to control husband and wife dispute between them , in world there are forms of marriage on the basis of power or energy of couples or partners as the first marriage is the strong form marriage and the other is weak form marriage meaning there by strong marriage and weak marriage is both handle by husband and wife relation based Husband wife dispute.

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