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India a place where there is solution of the given problems with the referring of Islamic mantra , tantra , and yantra are occurring in the life of the people and which come for the purpose of the maintaining in the well discipline order and the life which is in the form of special life and we know that life is of two modes the first is ordinary life and the second is special life and the difference between these two life is that special life is spending by the act of God while the ordinary life is not spending according to the act of the God . And we know that the originated or issue of the Islamic mantra is from the holy book of the Quran, the book which is constructed and made by the supreme to all things that is said to be Allah Islamic mantra .

Islamic mantra Allah is the most merciful and the most beneficent for the all things which are in the world. If the persons are suffered from the bad evils and bad situation of the life condition and this situation of the bad is coming by bad effects. These are created from the supernatural powers which have a lot of energetic and have a lot of power who capture or control of any things which are in the life of the people and we also know that all the incident and accident are coming by the supernatural powers i. e the Evil, the Devil, the Ghost etc.

An astrologer have a full faith in the knowledge of Islamic mantra and we also know that or according to the astrologer of the Muslim or Muslim’s astrologer who are explained the five basic or fundamental unit of the Islam as Kalma , Namaz , Roza , Zakat ,and Haz , these are very important and very compulsory for all the people who are belong to the categories of the Muslim’ s family and Islamic mantra which is dictated above in lines or in words , for all persons who are in the Muslim i.e. compulsory for everyone or every body .

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