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Kundli matching is an old or ancient which is practiced in the country of India. In Indian astrology there is creating of matching of Kundli is needed or required meaning there when there is establishing marriage between girl and boy then before groom and before bride of the girl and boy there is found of kundli matching process is used and this matching is done by the Pandit . The first priority is to match the kundli and then after other rituals are performed or doing. The kundli decided that bride and groom marriage in the life is becoming success or not. There is also creating of the compatibility factors i.e. on the basis of Kundli that the girl and boy match is perfect or not for the purpose of the marriage or relationship between them.

In India, Kundli matching is performed on the basis of eighty guns which is including in the girl or boy. It is also said to be Ashkadoota Milan. Under this Milan eight guns are considered to taking place and each gun is assigned a certain point which is based on the importance of the girl and boy in together form. The longevity, happiness, desire, want, prosperity, mutual cooperation, mutual understanding, etc are all considered and determined by the process of Kundli matching. there are eight guns which are including in every girl and boy as Varna , Vasya , Tara , Yoni , Bhakdoot etc , these eight guns carry the importance of the life of the youngstersKundli matching .

Kundli matching An astrologer can predict or forecast the future about the persons or people specifically for the purpose of married life and the life after marriage become prosperous, happy and long term or long duration. The kundli match process is done when the birth chart of the girl and boy is available or given, the birth is in the form of the exactly or in corrective and if the birth date is wrong given then compatibility factor is also wrong or bad. If the persons do not want to consult with the astrologer then the person only select the birth date and do the process of Kundli in very well manner.

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