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The Actual meaning of the Word Vashikaran is to control someone or somebody by the logic regarding tantra, mantra and also control on the basis of the supernatural powers which affects the people ‘s life according to the influence of the mantra which is in ordinary way said beVashikaran. When the Vashikaran is operated or done by the rituals then people should done this very secretly way and there is needed or required the place where is done or implemented this Vashikaran mantra place become complete silence or in silent mode. In tantra there are various types of Vashikaran as Supari Vashikaran, pusp Vashikaran etc.

For doing or performing Vashikaran there are many ingredients which is very useful to do Vashikaran on somebody. When the people use the Vashikaran and tantra shastra was created there was some logic or aimbition to behind that very purpose or aim .when there is disputing between the partners or couples and love back is coming between girl friend and boy friend or also between husband and wife for the purpose of get love back problems . If person children do not listen or follow your advice or orders and persons want or desire to be controlled the children then the Vashikaran pooja can help in very good way for controlling the children behave .there are many ways to get rid from the Vashikaran effects .

If the persons or people are in problems regarding family , relationship , marriage related problems , enemy related problems ,court case problems ,Husband wife problems ,ex love back , inter caste marriage , love marriage , etc are the problems which is to be solved or finished by the Vashikaran mantra or by the process of using the Vashikaran formule as mantra , tantra etc , they have a massive or very almighty power because Vashikaran is related with the two word making as the first word is Vashi which refers to control or the persons is under control by the people , and the second word is Karan which refer to doing or performing Vashi .

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